The Boy of Manica – A Delicate Balance of Survival and Hope

In the remote landscapes of the Manica Highlands in Mozambique, an 8-year-old boy’s life intertwines with the pursuit of gold. This painting, inspired by a photograph taken in 2010 by one of our geologists, unveils a poignant moment taking place 20 metres underground. The boy, small enough to crawl into spaces where adults cannot, sifts through the earth with a pipe providing air from a distance above.

This image is a glimpse into a complex reality playing off around the mine.   It is a world where the boy’s agility becomes both a blessing and a burden, allowing him to provide for his family in a way that few others can.

But this painting is more than a depiction of hardship; it’s a reflection on the human condition, a conundrum that challenges our perceptions and empathy. It’s a call to recognise the delicate balance between survival and dignity, especially in places where choices are limited and consequences profound.

Join us in exploring these intricate narratives through our 12-month Art and Mining series. Learn more about our local artists and stay tuned for the auction date on all 12 pieces . Together, we’ll uncover stories that resonate with our shared humanity, inspiring thoughts, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the mining world around us.

Boy of Manica- by Michelle Oosthuizen: A Portrait of Resilience and Hope

Experience the depth and emotion of Michelle Oosthuizen’s artistry in “The Boy of Manica.” This captivating piece portrays a young boy working in an African gold mine, showcasing determination and courage amidst adversity. Through her meticulous brush strokes, Michelle narrates a tale of resilience, dignity, and the challenges faced within the mining industry. Dive into the intricate details and powerful message behind this artwork.

Curious about the inspiration and story behind this masterpiece?