We are dedicated to delivering innovative, practical, and customised strategic solutions that meet our clients’ needs and expectations through the following strategic services.

What We Do For You

Project Potential Analysis

We provide advice on the technical and economic potential of mineral projects, based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. We help our clients evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their projects and identify opportunities for unlocking asset value that lies within.

Project Ranking Matrices

We apply customised project ranking matrices to prioritise project portfolios, based on market trends, resource size, operational and capital requirements. This we refer to as our chunky economic models. We use multi-criteria decision analysis techniques to rank projects according to their technical, economic, social, environmental, and geopolitical aspects.

Prospectivity Reviews

We conduct comprehensive and systematic reviews of the mineral potential of regions, countries, or specific areas, using the latest geoscientific data and methods.

Exploration Strategies

We design and implement effective exploration strategies for our clients, based on their project goals, budget, and timeline. We also provide project governance and guidance on exploration planning, execution, management, and reporting.

Gap Analysis and Risk Assessments

We perform gap analysis and risk assessments for our clients’ projects, to identify and quantify the uncertainties and risks associated with their exploration and development of the respective project . We provide recommendations on how to mitigate or reduce these risks, and enhance the confidence and reliability of their project outcomes and in addition identify the potential of such projects.

Market and Commodity Reviews

We provide market and commodity reviews for our clients, to help them understand the current and future trends and drivers of the mineral industry. We provide advice on scenarios for future market conditions and opportunities.

Techno-Economic Due Diligence

We provide techno-economic due diligence services for our clients, to help them evaluate the technical and economic viability of mineral projects or transactions. We conduct thorough and independent reviews of all aspects of the projects or transactions, including geology, resources, reserves, mining methods, processing methods, infrastructure, capital costs, operating costs, revenues, cash flows, sensitivities, risks, opportunities, and valuation.

Project Valuations

We provide project valuations for our clients, to help them determine the fair market value of their mineral projects or transactions. We use internationally accepted valuation standards and methodologies.

Preliminary Economic Assessments to Bankable Feasibility Studies

We provide a range of economic studies for our clients’ projects, from preliminary economic assessments (PEA) to bankable feasibility studies (BFS). We conduct comprehensive technical and economic analyses of the projects’ parameters, assumptions, inputs, outputs, results, and conclusions, and prepare high-quality reports that comply with international reporting codes and standards.

Strategic Portfolio Assessment

We conduct strategic portfolio assessments for our clients, to help them optimise their project portfolio in line with their corporate vision and mission. We analyse the performance, value, and potential of their existing projects, as well as the opportunities and threats in the external environment. We provide advice on portfolio diversification, rationalisation, expansion, or divestment.

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