Modelling & GIS

Geological modelling and geospatial analysis play a crucial role in understanding and analysing geological data for mineral exploration and mining purposes. MINROM offers a range of services related to geological modelling, mineral resource estimations and GIS analyses.


Geospatial Analysis & Remote Sensing

Geospatial analysis involves the examination and interpretation of spatial data to identify patterns, trends, and exploration targets. This includes various techniques such as spectral image processing, satellite imagery interrogation, basin and topographical analyses, regional and structural trend analyses, and spatial querying. Through these analyses, valuable insights can be gained to guide exploration efforts.

3D Geological & Metallurgical Models

Geological models provide a computerised representation of lithological, structural, geochemical, or metallurgical data. These models capture essential characteristics of a deposit, including its size, shape, orientation, grade properties, and more. By properly understanding the geology, structures, and mineralisation, accurate and detailed geological models can be developed.

Geostatistical Resource Estimations

Geostatistics is the integration of complex numerical datasets, such as assay and sample data, to estimate the expected grade and tonnages of a mineral deposit. Through geostatistical analysis, mineral resources can be classified and reported according to international codes such as JORC, NI 43-101, and SAMREC to ensure accurate and reliable resource estimations.

3D Modelling Services

  • Drill plan optimisation
  • Wireframing
  • Implicit models
  • Semiautomated explicit models
  • Geometallurgical models

Resource Services

  • Block models
  • Grade-tonnage reporting
  • Geostatistical analysis
  • Resource modelling
  • Mineral resource statements
  • Competent Person Reports

Mining Services

  • Depleting, editing, updating, mining block models
  • Resource reconciliations (F1 and F4)

GIS Services

  • Georeferencing
  • Digitisation / Vectorisation
  • Creation of digital maps/plans
  • Basin and topographical analysis
  • Regional & structural trend analyses
  • Photogrammetry & orthomosaic processing
  • Drone data DEM/DTMs processing
  • Remote sensing
  • Creation of digital maps/plans

Mineral Exploration & Mining Strategy

  • Technical Audits & Due diligences
  • Mineral Evaluation and Valuations
  • Economic models