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Unearth the mysteries of our planet with the ultimate geology kit. Dive deep into the captivating tales of rocks and minerals, and let every specimen unravel a unique narrative.

Features & Benefits:

  • Explore the Formation: Understand the intricate processes that birth the rocks beneath our feet and appreciate the tales of time they encapsulate.
  • Identify with Ease: With our comprehensive guide, identifying different rock types becomes a delightful journey of discovery. “My students were enthralled!” – Mrs. Thompson, Geography Teacher.
  • Journey Through Time: Discover remnants of the past with insights into stone age tools, fossils, and iconic geological sites.

For Teachers & Pupils:

  • Practical Geography Demonstration Models: Bring lessons to life and watch as students embark on a geological adventure right in the classroom.
  • Practical Model Project Kits: Tailored for individual schools, these kits are gateways to the enchanting world of geology.

How to Order:

Crafted with passion and precision, every “Box of Rocks” promises a world of discovery. To order, simply email us at info@minrom.co.za. Our dedicated team will tailor your order to your specific needs.

Embark on Your Geological Adventure Today!

Available Kits:

  1. BOX OF ROCKS: Suitable for primary or junior high level, this kit offers a comprehensive understanding of geology. With 12 major rock types and complimentary rocks, each piece is a chapter in Earth’s grand story.
  1. Comprehensive Classroom Student Sets: Beyond just rocks, this set is a deep dive into geology. From main rock-forming minerals to sediment samples, it’s a holistic educational experience.


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