Mineral Exploration

MINROM specialises in mineral exploration. All exploration projects – from greenfields to brownfields – require a strong geological backing: MINROM adds the vital technical support that ensures your exploration project is developed based on a mineralisation model, and is outcome-driven and defined by a clear scope of work.

What We Do For You


Exploration Project Scoping & Development

A proper exploration strategy based on a mineralisation model should dictate all aspects of an exploration programme. Developing an exploration strategy with defined results-driven phases can make the difference between a successful or a failed project.

Exploration Project Execution & Management

The success of an exploration project is not only defined by quantifying the in-situ mineral grade and tonnage. Project management has the ability to quickly advance or permanently constrain an exploration project. Therefore, MINROM highly emphasises proper project scoping, budget estimation, communication between stakeholders, cashflow estimation, and timeline management.

Exploration Database Management & Audit

The biggest asset of an exploration programme is a validated and well-presented geological and geospatial database. At MINROM we ensure that your data is centralised, complies with international quality standards and is safely stored.

Exploration Technical Reports

Data amalgamated and interpreted into a technical report is the best tool for presenting and evaluating any exploration project. At MINROM, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality technical reports that serve as documents accounting for all relevant geological data gathered, processed and interpreted. These technical reports are designed to comply with international reporting standards as stipulated by JORC 2012, SAMREC or NI 43-101.

“Geology itself is only chemistry with the element of time added”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson