Resource modelling & GIS

Competent Person’s Reporting

Geological reporting according to international reporting codes such as SAMREC, JORC, and NI 43-101.

A Competent Person’s Report will inform and protect investors

What is a CPR?

A Competent Person’s Report is a document providing an independent and transparent assessment of the exploration results, mineral resources, and mineral reserves of a company’s assets. Its purpose is to provide responsible, unbiased, and independent opinions on the technical aspects of a project, ultimately informing and protecting investors. A CPR includes details of the geological work performed and the results obtained which serve as the basis for the resource (and/or reserve) estimations presented in the report.

Reduce the risk of misrepresenting projects

International standards for geological and mining project reporting have gained significance over the years to mitigate the risk of misrepresenting projects in public and investment forums. These standards, known as reporting codes, vary across countries, but they all require the involvement of a competent person. The most common reporting codes are SAMREC, JORC, and NI 43-101.

MINROM has reported according to all these codes

At MINROM, we have staff members who are considered competent persons and qualified persons in accordance with the requirements of these codes. All of our work at MINROM is performed in line with JORC standards, even if the final geological report does not need to be fully compliant. This ensures that all geological work can be later upgraded to a compliant report if the necessary requirements are met.

MINROM’s comprehensive geological services cover the entire mining life cycle, from exploration to closure and rehabilitation. We are equipped to handle all aspects of geological reporting, providing accurate and reliable information to support informed decision-making and investor confidence.