The MINROM Hydro division specialises in the Exploration, Quantification, and Sustainable Management of water resources.


Groundwater Assessments

MINROM specialises in comprehensive groundwater assessments to evaluate aquifer potential and water availability. Our expert team conducts detailed investigations, analysing geological and hydrogeological data to provide valuable insights for sustainable groundwater resource utilisation.

Groundwater Exploration

Discover reliable groundwater sources with MINROM’s expert groundwater exploration services. We utilise advanced geophysical techniques and hydrogeological expertise to identify favourable drilling locations, ensuring successful water strikes and efficient water supply development.

Groundwater Monitoring

Ensure the sustainable management of your groundwater resources with MINROM’s precise groundwater monitoring solutions. Our team implements state-of-the-art monitoring networks, enabling real-time data collection to assess water level fluctuations and support informed water resource management decisions.

Water Treatment Plants

At MINROM, we design and implement advanced water treatment plants to ensure responsible water usage and environmental protection. Our plants effectively remove contaminants, returning clean water to the environment and adhering to stringent water quality standards.

Water Borehole Drilling

Drill to obtain water strikes and intercept underground water sources and aquifers.

Groundwater Management

Test, monitor and manage the quality of the water, as well as manage the amount of water that can be sustainably extracted.

Groundwater Modelling

Harness the power of groundwater modelling with MINROM’s sophisticated software and hydrogeological expertise. We create accurate groundwater models that simulate aquifer behaviour and flow patterns, aiding in the optimal management of water resources and potential dewatering solutions.

Groundwater Impact Assessments

Trust MINROM for comprehensive groundwater impact assessments, evaluating potential effects of mining or development activities on local aquifers. Our assessments adhere to regulatory standards and provide valuable insights for sustainable project planning and environmental compliance.

Mine Dewatering

MINROM excels in mine dewatering solutions, designing efficient systems to manage water inflows and ensure safe mining operations. Our team implements reliable dewatering strategies, optimising water control to mitigate project risks and enhance mining productivity.

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