resource modelling & GIS

3D Modelling

Geological modelling is the basis for all geological interpretations and allows for predictions to be made.

Drill Plan Optimisation

Understanding the spatial variability of a deposit to generate the optimal drill hole spacing. This reduces the number of drilling holes needed to gain the maximum amount of geological data. Drilling operations can achieve better results and maximize their return on investment.


Wireframes allow geologists to create accurate 3D representations of subsurface rock formations, faults, and other geological features. By visualizing these structures in 3D geologists can better understand the geology of a region, make more informed decisions about resource exploration, and optimize drilling and mining operations.

Implicit Models

Implicit modeling uses mathematical algorithms to automatically build a 3D representation of geological structures. It allows geologists to create complex models quickly and efficiently which helps reduce exploration risk and optimizes drilling and mining operations.

Semi-automated Explicit Models

Semi-automated explicit geological models takes the best of both implicit (rapid) and explicit (interpretation based) models. This unique method allows for complex geological models to be quickly updated with new data.

Geometallurgical Models

A geometallurgical model is a comprehensive framework that integrates geological and metallurgical information to predict the behaviour of ore deposits throughout the mining and processing stages.

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