Introducing StereoCore

Created by Geos, for Geos

Digitally log all aspects of any drill core

StereoCore is an all-in-one core logging software that allows the geologist to accurately log geotechnical core and provide accurate Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

The Benefits of StereoCore

Tailored For You

  • Use your own core trays
  • Use historical images
  • Use your own logging templates
  • Log at the rig side

Accurate Logging

  • Accurately capture a record of geotechnical information from a variety of different types of core
  • Record RQD information autonomously
  • Accurately record and validate structural features in the core

Smooth Workflows

  • Easily integrate core data into seamless project workflows
  • Share project data between field and office team members.
  • On the fly validation of logging results between teams

Software Integration

  • Export validated drill hole datasets. Seamlessly import data into 3D geological modelling software (e.g. Micromine & Leapfrog

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Licensing and Registration

  • Competitive Pricing Solutions
  • Software is freely available – pay as you use basis
  • Register your software copy with us and pay only for ‘activations’

Technical Support

  • Remote technical Support
  • On-site technical support
  • Problem resolution
  • Available by call, email or video conferencing

Software and Training

  • Remote Training (video conferencing) for your team of geologists
  • In-house training available – we come to you. On-site training options – use your own core and your own logging standards