Men in Mining: Honouring Sacrifice and Embracing Safety

In the harsh underground and surface mining terrains where men delve into the earth’s crust, lies a story of sacrifice, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of progress. “Men in Mining” is a portrayal of the miners who risk their lives daily in an attempt to provide for their families. This artwork acknowledges their courage and the role they play in sustaining their communities.

This painting by Chain Nkosinathi captures the essence of these brave men, their faces etched with determination, endurance and hope. It’s a vivid reminder of the risks they take, working in a hard and high risk environment, looking after each other.

Advancements in technology and the expertise of skilled geologists and mineral resource management practitioners have become crucial in mitigating these risks. High-tech software and equipment are now at the forefront of mining operations, enhancing safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents. These tools not only protect the miners but also ensure the efficient extraction of minerals.

We must remember the lives lost over the centuries and the sacrifices made to better our lives. We pay homage to all miners for working towards providing the minerals crucial to building our economies.

Join us in exploring these mining narratives through our 12- month Art and Mining series. Learn more about our local artists and stay tuned for the auction date on all 12 pieces at as part of a fund raiser for Be The Good.