Bikini Beach Malmesbury Group Outcrops – Gordons Bay : Here you can walk and touch the rocks, see the weathering and alteration.  It makes for a good meeting point as it is off Clarence Drive and safe to stop and park.


Steenbras Water Treatment Plant Lookout: The excursion begins at Steenbras Water Treatment Plant high above Gordons Bayoffering a panoramic view of the southern Cape Coast from above Gordons Bay. Tourists can observe the geological features and understand the coastal evolution of the area.


Kogel Bay: Kogel Bay is a beautiful coastal area where tourists can explore the geological formations, including cliffs and rock formations shaped by natural forces over millions of years.


Blousteen Lookout : Blousteen Lookout is a notable geological site, likely characterised by dark blue-colored rocks. Tourists can learn about the geological significance of this location and its formation processes.


Aassbank Pakhuis Diamicitite: This site is known for its unique diamicitite rocks with an age of about 444 million years, providing insights into ancient geological events and processes. Tourists can discover the fascinating history behind these rock formations.


Harold Porter Rock Garden (HPG) : Harold Porter Botanical Gardens is a haven for plant enthusiasts, but it also offers insights into the geological aspects of the region. Tourists can explore the wonderful 4,6 million year Earth Age Display and souther Cape geological history Rock- Garden depicting the local 600 ~million years geological history and context of the area.


Clarens Drive Coastal Geology : Located along the edge of the gorgeous Clarence Drive shoreline this section provides an opportunity to understand the coastal geological processes, erosion, and land-sea interactions that have shaped the region.


Cliff Path: The Cliff Path in Hermanus is a scenic coastal trail that allows tourists to witness stunning geological formations along the shoreline, offering beautiful views of the sea and cliffs.


 Hemel en Aarde Wine Valley: Apart from being renowned for its wineries, Hemel en Aarde Wine Valley also offers a chance to explore the geological features of the valley and the influence of the surrounding landscape on viticulture.


De Kelders: De Kelders is famous for the Klipgat Cave, which exposes anthropological records and provides insights into the region’s ancient history and coastal evolution.


Gansbaai African Penguin and Sea Bird Sanctuary, Earth-Age Display and Rock-Garden: This sanctuary is a protected area for African penguins. Tourists can also explore the surrounding rock formations and understand the geological significance of the site.


Throughout the excursion, participants will have the privilege of learning from experienced geologists (whop will be our guides), such as Dave Mourant, John Blaine, John Bristow, Mike Dormer, Jean Malan, and Dylan Blake, who will provide valuable insights and information about the geological wonders of each location. The excursion promises to be an enriching and educational experience for all participants.