– Botozo’s artwork explores community and family structure erosion in the mining industry – A legacy of migrant work

Lwandiso Botozo’s artwork explores the social and community structural erosion resulting from migrants working in the mining industry. His piece focuses on the social impact of fathers working on mines, away from their families, revealing the collapse of community and family social structures under harsh economic and historical pressures.

To create this piece, Botozo undertook extensive research: he started with YouTube videos and news articles for an overview and then consulted academic journals for detailed insights. Reflecting on his past work and drawing inspiration from his favorite artists, he crafted a collage that combines numerous frames, each moment a frame within a larger narrative.

Botozo’s artwork captures the struggles and sacrifices of families torn apart by mining labour demands. His art confronts viewers with the ongoing reality of displacement and its effects on family bonds and social cohesion.

Using images from archives as well as his favorite photographs, he composed frames and researched color palettes. He used colours inspired by film stills and color theory, each choice supporting the narrative.

However, Botozo invites viewers to interpret his work personally, valuing the subjectivity of art while maintaining the artwork’s core intention.


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