Unveiling the Potential: Exploring the Magnetite Project in South Africa’s Limpopo Province

The Magnetite project in South Africa is strategically located in the picturesque Limpopo Province of South Africa. Its focal point is the Rhenosterkoppies Greenstone Belt (RGB), an ancient early Proterozoic crust that holds significant iron mineralisation, particularly magnetite. Although some historical regional-scale mapping exploration work was conducted in the late 1990s, detailed geological information about the project was quite limited.

MINROM’s Exploration Success:

MINROM has played an instrumental role in the project since its acquisition, planning, managing, and executing two highly successful phases of exploration. Phase 1 involved a non-invasive programme that included detailed outcrop mapping and surface sample extraction. The sample analysis revealed excellent magnetite mineralisation with minimal penalty elements, indicating the project’s significant potential.

The Promising Phase 2 Magnetite project in South Africa:

Encouraged by the success of Phase 1, MINROM initiated Phase 2, featuring a comprehensive exploration programme involving 1200 meters of diamond core drilling. From August to October 2019, the team completed 12 drill holes. The drilling aimed to quantify the lateral and vertical continuity of the mineralised body.

Discovery of Key Mineralised Units:

During Phase 2, MINROM made exciting discoveries, identifying three major units containing the target metamorphosed banded ironstone (Meta-BIS) or “itabirite.” These units exhibited fine-scale pervasive interlaying of magnetite, hematite, and quartz, providing valuable insights into the deposit’s geological composition.

Awaiting Interim Results and Resource Upgrade:

Over 320 samples from the drilled mineralisation were extracted and sent for analysis to determine the major and minor elemental concentrations and magnetite content. MINROM is currently awaiting the interim results to proceed with a detailed geological report on the exploration phases thus far. The team aims to declare a JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) compliant initial resource statement to further validate the project’s potential.

The Journey Continues:

MINROM has built the Magnetite project in South Africa from the ground up, but the exploration journey is far from over. The team is actively developing the next phase, which will encompass definition drilling and resource upgrades. Additionally, bulk sampling and metallurgical testing are planned to enhance our understanding of mineralisation and its commercial viability.


The Magnetite project in South Africa’s Limpopo Province holds immense promise as a valuable source of iron mineralisation, particularly magnetite. MINROM’s successful exploration phases have revealed significant potential, laying the foundation for the project’s future development. With the upcoming resource upgrade and metallurgical testing, the project’s economic viability and commercial prospects are poised to shine even brighter. Let us continue to explore and unlock the treasure trove hidden beneath South Africa’s rich geological landscape.