“Future’s Gaze” – A Paradox of Progress and Parity


Picture this: In Africa’s heart, a young boy, VR headset in place, looks ahead into what might be the future. But there’s more to this image than just tech. It’s a nod to Africa’s treasure trove of resources.

Lithium: Think of it as the ‘white gold’. It’s the magic behind our rechargeable batteries, from phones to cars. And guess what? Places like Zimbabwe in Africa are packed with it.

 Cobalt: This is the stuff that gives our batteries a boost. And a fun fact? A whopping 60% of it comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Plus, it’s been a favourite for artists for centuries because of its brilliant blue shade.

Tantalum: This rare metal is a big deal in the tech world, especially for making some electronic components. Major shoutout to Rwanda and the DRC for being top producers.

Rare Earth Minerals: These aren’t your everyday minerals. They’re behind many modern tech pieces, from computer memories to DVDs. And South Africa? It’s a goldmine for these. 

But here’s the twist: while these elements power global tech, they come from a continent that’s still grappling with economic challenges. 

The candle in the boy’s hand? It’s a throwback to the traditional mining methods, contrasting beautifully with the futuristic VR headset.


Nisty Chatha, the genius behind “Future’s Gaze”, gives us more than just a visual treat. It’s a story, a dialogue about Africa’s rich resources and the economic challenges it faces. And the best part?

By diving into this art, you’re diving into a cause. Every penny from this series goes to www.bethegood360.com, a charity that’s all about positive change.


So, are you in?

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