Introduction to Graphite Exploration in Northern Uganda:

Located in the northern region of Uganda, the Orom graphite project holds immense promise in the realm of graphite mining and resource exploration. MINROM has carried out diligent exploration activities encompassing surface mapping, drilling, metallurgical test work, geophysical surveying, trenching, and in-depth metallurgical analysis.

The VTEM Geophysical Survey’s Impact on Graphite Exploration:

The VTEM (Versatile Time-Domain Electromagnetic) geophysical survey, a groundbreaking endeavour in the Orom graphite project, has revolutionized our understanding of the subsurface. This advanced technique uncovered an exciting extension of subsurface conductors, hinting at the vast graphite potential beneath the ground.

Graphite Mining’s Future in Northern Uganda:

The findings from the VTEM survey indicate a significant presence of graphite deposits with immense commercial value. As graphite becomes increasingly crucial for industries, especially for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, the Orom project could play a pivotal role in meeting global demand.

Laying the Groundwork for Further Exploration:

The insights from the Orom project, combined with the VTEM survey data, pave the way for more targeted exploration efforts in Uganda. These endeavours could lead to a better understanding of the graphite deposits’ size, quality, and distribution, contributing to Uganda’s sustainable mining development.


The Orom graphite project, with its significant findings from the VTEM geophysical survey, holds the potential to drive economic growth in northern Uganda. With MINROM’s commitment and Uganda’s rich mineral wealth, this project stands as a testament to the untapped opportunities awaiting discovery. Let’s continue our pursuit of knowledge, shaping a brighter future for Uganda and beyond

The Orom graphite project is located in the Kitgum/Kaabong district of northern Uganda.

MINROM has conducted a number of exploration activities on this project to date which include detailed surface mapping, exploration drilling, metallurgical test work (grading analysis, flake size distribution, and floatation), a VTEM geophysical survey, a trenching program, and follow-up metallurgical test work (microscopy by SEM, flake size distribution, and floatation).

The data obtained from the VTEM system revealed the subsurface conductors within the survey area to a depth extension of approximately 250 m below the surface. The geophysical survey outlined several large-scale anomalies which extended laterally across the license area.

The Orom graphite project is located in northern Uganda's Kitgum/Kaabong district. The exploration activities conducted by MINROM on this project include surface mapping, drilling, metallurgical testwork, geophysical surveying, trenching, and further metallurgical analysis. The VTEM geophysical survey revealed subsurface conductors up to a depth of about 250 meters below the surface, identifying significant anomalies that spanned across the license area.