In the vast landscapes of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a moment of irony and inspiration was captured by one of our geologists searching for lithium and tantalum in the discard dumps scattering the landscape of Manono, DRC. This was no ordinary sight and a profound connection with a young lady miner sparked this captivating artwork, “Cherry’s Rock & Roll.”

A Smile that Tells a Story

The young lady miner, with tantalite, tin, and lithium balanced in a bag on her head, was captured in a photograph with a smile and a Cherry Rock & Roll t-shirt. The three elements she carries, essentials in our daily lives, are found in products ranging from cell phones to electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.

Due Diligence and the Manono Connection

Due diligence in mining refers to a comprehensive appraisal of a mineral asset by a professional person, undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its value and liabilities, unlocking what lies beneath and evaluate its commercial potential. In this context, our geologist was in the Manono area of DRC, exploring the largest pegmatite stretching 14 km long, and mined mostly by

Belgian rule in the Congo Free State and the establishment of mining was in the late 1900 century, so this would be 1880 and 1890.


The Irony of Two Worlds

There is a stark contrast between how the first world perceives mining and the actual process that mining goes through. In developed nations, mining is often portrayed through a lens of regulations, technology, and ethical sourcing. However, in third-world countries, the reality is different. Mining can lead to illicit market trading, where essential minerals eventually find their way back to the main traders. This complex situation highlights the need for continuous learning, change, and implementation to bridge the gap between these two worlds.

The Strength of Women in Mining

In the Manono region as with so many other regions endowed with minerals, artisanal miners are mostly women and children, many without proper Protective clothing and equipment. The young lady miner’s work reflects a complex reality where mining in the third world differs vastly from how it is portrayed in the first world. “Cherry’s Rock & Roll” is more than a painting; it’s a tribute to women’s strength of character, their role in society, and their resilience in providing for their families.

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About the Artist

Jonel Scholtz is a renowned artist whose work captures moments from the past and brings them into the present. With a background in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Jonel’s art is a fusion of science and creativity. Her portraits tell stories of resilience, emotion, and the human experience. Jonel has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally, receiving accolades and recognition for her unique approach to art. Explore more about Jonel’s journey, her inspirations, and her remarkable artwork.”

Women in mining