Artist Biography – Michelle Oosthuizen

Michelle Oosthuizen is a talented artist whose work is deeply influenced by the human experience and the world around her. Michelle is particularly moved by the stories of children who face adversity and hardship. Her paintings often explore themes of resilience, determination, and the indomitable human spirit.

The inspiration for “The Boy of Manica” came from a photograph taken by a friend who works daily within the harsh realities of the African mining industry. The image of a young boy working in a gold mine, with a look of determination and courage in his eyes, deeply touched Michelle. She wanted to portray his resilience and dignity in the face of such injustice and hardship.

In this painting, Michelle captures the essence of the boy’s spirit, highlighting his strength and resolve. The artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by many in the mining industry and the importance of recognizing the humanity and dignity of every individual.