About the Artist – Cherry’s Rock & Roll – A Tale of Strength, Irony, and Transformation
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Jonel Scholtz’s artistic journey is as vibrant and multifaceted as her paintings. With a background in chemistry and biochemistry, studied at the University of Johannesburg, Jonel’s approach to art is both scientific and soulful. Her artistic endeavours began in high school under the guidance of American-born artist Louise Goudemond, and since then, her work has resonated across galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

A Global Presence

From Johannesburg to New York, Jonel’s art has graced the walls of renowned galleries such as Alice Art Gallery, Lizamore and Associates, Woodstock Art Gallery, and Agora Gallery in New York. Her international acclaim has led to exhibitions in Miami, Italy, Monaco, Amsterdam, Paris, and Mauritius.

In 2018, Jonel expanded her artistic horizons with an artist residency at Tamarin Art Centre in Mauritius. Her solo exhibition in 2019 at the Northwest University Art Gallery, titled “This LoVe,” was a poignant reflection on her personal journey.

Awards and Recognition

Jonel’s talent has been recognized with awards, including a third prize in the International Still Life Competition hosted by the LA-based gallery Teravarna. Her participation in exhibitions like “Phantasmogoria” and “Imitation of Life” reflects her versatility and profound connection to contemporary themes.

In 2023, she continues to make waves in the art world, participating in the NAMPO Agriculture Exhibition, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, and the upcoming Aardklop, a South African Arts Festival.

An Artist’s Philosophy

She believes in embracing life with all its ups and downs, dancing to the radio, singing in the shower, and loving every day. Her art is a manifestation of her emotional journey, a dance between the canvas and her soul.

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To delve deeper into Jonel Scholtz’s world of art and explore her collection, visit her https://jonelscholtz.co.za