Photo by: Silver Dune Photography

Artist Biography – Jo Roets

Jo Roets – A Sculptor Crafting Delicate Narratives

Capetonian Jo Roets is a distinguished sculptor, painter, and mould maker whose passion for art has been a lifelong journey. Her unique ‘light relief sculptures’ are crafted from self-drying natural stone clay, pushed to its limits to create delicate bass relief artworks. Using unconventional tools, Jo intricately scores the clay, allowing it to warp naturally, adding a unique touch to each piece.

Artist Statement
“The layered version of history is akin to a timeless tapestry, with each individual contributing another vivid thread to the overarching narrative. The curving lines of time unfurl and etch tales upon the canvas of existence. As these layers are unearthed, they reveal not only the rich history but also the profound truths concealed beneath the surface. In this excavation of the past, akin to a prospector discovering golden nuggets, we delve deeper to reach the core of our collective human story. Life, with its valleys and hills, mirrors the undulating landscape of existence, symbolic of the epidermis of our shared history, each layer peeling back to reveal the hidden treasures within the core of our human experience.”

Educated at P.J. Olivier art school and Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof, Jo further honed her skills with diplomas in Art Direction and Motion Picture Production Design. Her rich background includes a stint in the film industry and a 14-year tenure as a senior lecturer in various art disciplines.
2018 was a landmark year for Jo, with her works being recognised in three major art competitions, and she clinched the inaugural StateoftheART Gallery Award. Her first solo exhibition graced the walls of StateoftheART Gallery in 2019 and her second solo at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in 2022. Jo’s creations have adorned numerous South African galleries, and she’s been a staple at festivals like KKNK, Tulbagh Arts Festival, and more.

Currently, Jo’s masterpieces are being showcased in both local and international exhibitions, spanning South Africa to Spain. Her accolades include the 2021 Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award and the international Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant.

Jo Roets is not just an artist; she’s a storyteller, weaving narratives of resilience, beauty, and innovation through her sculptures. If you’d like to view more of her works, visit Jo Roets’ website.